Unmanned Aviation Training

Unmanned Aviation Training

Aviatec’s Unmanned Aviation Services division is a training service for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) - commonly known as drones. At Aviatec, we operate a Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ) training programme for Small Unmanned Aircrafts.

In Greece, the drone industry is constantly growing in regard to a wide range of commercial sectors. Film and documentary, geography, mapping, property management, construction industry, photography, security, inspection and environmental monitoring are some of the sectors that are already making use of drones.

If you are interested in operating a drone for commercial use, at Aviatec we can assess and provide recommendations for pilot competency as well as verify the requirements for Permissions to Operate. We offer training in flying drone platforms <20kgs for commercial use for whatever industry or sector you are in.

We offer the following courses:

:: RPQ-s Training
Remote Pilot training course for drones <20kgs
2 Day course, multi-location

:: Flight Training
Specifically aimed at providing you with the necessary core skills to operate safely.
1 day course, multi-location